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Wind Mills

Wind Mills

STAR TRACE Hi-Tech Wind Turbine makes it economically feasible to realize wind energy projects even at sites difficult to access. Our modular design allows for convenient transport by ship and as well efficient installation using one regular sized lifting crane.

The development of wind turbines pioneered many of the wind turbine design technologies in use today, including: steel tube towers, variable-speed generators, composite blade materials, partial-span pitch control, as well as aerodynamic, structural, and acoustic engineering design capabilities.

Hi-Tech Domestic Ranges
In STPD, We have the domestic wind mills starting from the range of 300 W to 20 KW.

Hi-Tech Wind Farms
In STPD, We have the wind farms starting from the range of 3.9MW. Star Trace is one of the leading company that can hand-hold the client to successfully to implement the wind energy project.