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Solar Thermal
The solar heater converts cold water into hot water by a simple phenomeno called "Thermosyphon" without electricity consumption. The following parts are very vital in a solar water heater.

Solar Tank

Solar Collector
There are two type in Solar Collectors.

Solar Thermal
Collectors made up of Copper Fins & Tubes with Black Chrome Coating, Rock Wool insulation. The fins & Insulations are covered with Aluminum frames & top of the frame toughened glass will be there. Mainly Suitable for Industrial Application. TDS in water should not exceed 500 ppm. Pressurized system also available. Maximum attainable temperature in 65 C.


Contains Glass Tubes with three layer of Coating. Producing Hot water through vacuum heating technology. Mainly suitable for domestic applications. Permissible level of TDS in water is 1000 - 1500 ppm. Maximum attainable temperature in 85 C.

Subsidised loans are available at the rate of 2% (Domestic), 3%(Institutions) & 5%(Industries)From all the Nationalised Banks.